Phoenix Personal Protection Choice

It sells itself... and does your paperwork, too

Personal Protection Choice is a single-premium fixed indexed annuity that ensures guaranteed lifetime income, home health and nursing home coverage and an enhanced death benefit.

  • Up to 10% death benefit roll-up
  • Up to 250% confined care
  • Up to 175% LTC
  • Processed through e-app
  • Pre-designed presentation integrated with e-app

First in the industry E-App

The E-App

The days of chasing paperwork and signatures are over. In one fell swoop, our new online planning tool helps you walk clients through the critical risks in retirement, while capturing their data and analyzing needs.

A tablet or laptop and internet access are all you need to ensure in good order completion of applications. The E-App automatically populates necessary information fields, gathers all essential forms and can even capture the client’s signature. The time and headache you’ll save means more time for additional business opportunities and less time pushing paper!

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Phoenix Personal Protection Choice E-App

iPad Incentive

Attention GA-level producers! To fully enjoy the e-App experience, submit $200,000 in Phoenix annuity premium with WealthMark Advisors and receive an iPad 2, pre-loaded with this exciting new business tool!

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Costa Rica Trip

Get ready to travel to majestic Costa Rica on an all-inclusive, four-day trip. Your Phoenix annuity production can help get you there!

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